This is THE OFFICIAL SITE of Barefoot Hub Ball. It is time for an outdoor sport that provides exercise and fun, that is healthy and very safe, requires limited skills to get started, and requires no special equipment. And a sport that does not require special athletic shoes or require any footwear. We need a sport that maximizes a wide range of health aspects while minimizing physical contact, and this is the sport. Introducing:

Barefoot Hub BallĀ®

Barefoot Hub Ball is a sport for:

  • All ages
  • All skill levels
  • All Nations
  • All people (with general mobility)

If you want a safer sport, read on. And if you are fed up with taking on the risks for yourself or (if you are a parent) for your kids from existing outdoor team sports that often cause serious bodily injuries, concussions, brain injuries, CTE, and other long-term wear and tear, this sport is designed to be a far safer alternative.

Want to learn more? It is all in this free information website. FREE. No strings are attached – just read, learn, print out the rules, and play.

Welcome to Barefoot Hub Ball.


This sport was developed prior to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and all information including the Rules on the sport are based on a play in a virus-free environment. Many school sports programs have started to require full COVID-19 vaccinations as a condition for sports participation. This is advised for playing Barefoot Hub Ball; all school and other non-school programs should require full COVID vaccinations for all participants (including players, officials, coaches, and non-players).

Bee Sting, Other Insect Sting & Pregnant Women WARNINGS

Being barefoot on a grass area or field such as a soccer field is generally very safe. But bee stings will occur. They are nearly 100% inevitable. And other insects such as wasps, hornets, and fire ants can sting. For most people (including the inventor of this sport) a bee sting is a minor nuisance and nothing more than that. But if a person has an allergy to the venom of any insect such as these, they are advised NOT to play this sport. If you have an allergy to bee venom or other insect venom, and choose to play this sport, you do it AT YOUR OWN RISK and against the advice of the sport’s inventor. However, if you do (play with an allergy as described) you should have your anaphylactic shock and other medicines (epinephrine etc.) with you.

Also it is strongly advised that you get any child who wants to play this sport tested for bee and insect venom allergy, and for any other thing that may be on the field of play. This will make it far less likely that you will find out the hard way that they are allergic (i.e. during a practice session or game). Also if you are not a young child or are a preteen, teen or adult and want to play this sport, it is advisable to get allergy tests for anything (insect venom and anything else) that you might expose your bare feet to if you are not 100 % sure you are not allergic to these venoms or anything else on the fields.

Also, pregnant women should not play this sport.