The mission of Barefoot Hub Ball is a safe and healthy exercise in the form of a game. It is good clean fun with no malicious contact allowed and with only unintentional incidental contact allowed.  And it has no equipment requirements with as low of entry costs for teams and leagues as possible, as well as for individuals.

Barefoot Hub Ball is a high participation-oriented sport for people of almost all ages and body types to be able to get exercise in the form of a fairly simple game. With free substitution as many as 20 can play in any match with a maximum of eight at a time per squad. It is designed to give plenty of playing time opportunity for many players. It will probably always be a participation-oriented sport for PLAYING rather than a spectator sport for high-skilled specialists mainly for watching. While many sports make for escapist pleasure to watch, this sport is instead designed for the pleasure of playing, getting exercise, creating great teamwork, and expressing a high level of sportsmanship.

This sport has the potential to become commonly played all around the world. If so it can provide a fun way towards developing and maintaining personal health, connection with nature via bare feet on grass, team camaraderie, personal confidence, and joyful interactions. And hopefully someday it will contribute to world peace.